Robertson CAD Sales Survey

The Robertson Central Appraisal District is responsible for appraising all property in the county at its current market value. To ensure accurate market values of the property in our county, we obtain as much information as possible on properties that have recently sold in Robertson County.

Information obtained from the Robertson County Clerk’s Office indicates a recent transfer of ownership for the described property. Your assistance will help us to determine current market conditions and to be able to provide more accurate and equitable property appraisals for the property owners in our county. Pursuant to Section 22.27, we agree to hold the sales information confidential, subject to any exceptions listed in that statute.

Below is a questionnaire about the sale. With current costs of available financing, property value trends are in the process of change and we need to keep abreast of these to be as accurate as possible. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact our office.


Owner information:


Property Information:
 Property ID:  Year Built
 Property Address
 City  State  Zip
 Structures: such as House, Barn, Commercial etc.
 Beds  Baths



 FHA     VA     CONV      VLB      ASSUMPTION      CASH      OF      OTH

 Down Payment $  Interest %   Years Financed 


Sale Information:

 Date of Sale   Sales Price 
 Special Circumstances (such as family, foreclosure, etc)
 Was Personal Property included in Sale?
 If yes, please list and estimate value below